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VMF 1 and 2 License Information
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Individuals wishing to provide training of the SAVE International Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 (VMF 1) and Value Methodology Fundamentals 2 (VMF 2) courses must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a CVS in good standing
  2. Complete the SAVE approved "Instructor Updates & Training" course (either in-person at the 2017 Value Summit or online through the SAVE e-learning portal)
  3. Complete the license agreement form below
  4. Pay the license fee (payment links will be on the page following submission of the agreement form)

SAVE will verify your CVS certification and if you completed the entire "Instructor Updates & Training" course (parts 1, 2 and 3) after you submit the form below.

Each license is $300 USD and is good for a period of 24 months from purchase ($600 USD if purchasing licenses for both VMF 1 and VMF 2). Instructors must purchase individual licenses - one license does not cover an entire company.

Once all of the requirements are verified and completed, the training materials and lesson plans will be provided to the instructor via email. Please allow up to one (1) week for processing after submission of all information and fees.

Licensed instructors must use the slides issued by SAVE. Instructors can and are expected to supplement the licensed slides with their own materials; however, all content provided in the licensed slides may not be altered or changed.

The VMF 1 course must be a minimum of 32 hours of in-person instruction. If the licensed instructor covered all of the required material in less than 32 hours, the course is not complete – the instructor must continue to educate their students with either real or case workshop activity to meet the 32 hour minimum required. If course does not meet the 32 hour minimum, the instructor’s license will be revoked.



1. I agree to not alter the original content provided in the provided training courses. If requested, I will provide copies of my training content to SAVE International to verify the proper usage of the provided content.

2. I understand that if my average candidate performance on examinations drops below 70% my agreement to teach this material may be revoked.