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VMF 1 Instructor Procedures

*UPDATED* Virtual VMF 1 Course Requirements

SAVE International has approved the use of virtual instruction by approved, licensed instructors for the Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 (VMF 1) course beginning July 1 through August 31, 2020. SAVE volunteers and board members have been auditing the virtual VMF 1 courses held to date and there appears to be a common theme, which is not a good trend for teaching a course that requires engagement. The items and changes to the virtual teaching requirements to address these concerns are shown below.

Please note the following changes must occur (they are now required) for the continued ability to deliver the VMF 1 course virtually:

  1. In a virtual environment, cameras are required to be ON for attendees and instructors at all times. You are responsible for providing a certificate that certifies that the attendees actually participated in the required 32 hours of contact time. If cameras are not on, you cannot monitor this. It is recommended that you have one computer monitor just to show the attendees and their engagement, while the other one will show your slides. If cameras are not on, a certificate should not be provided to the attendees. This is a commitment that is needed from the attendee and instructor.
  2. As a SAVE licensed instructor of the VMF 1 course, we want to remind you that this course must be a minimum of 32 hours. For example, that would be a 4-day course for 8-hours each day. This does not include breaks and lunch; these are actual contact hours. If you are conducting this in conjunction with a project, the instruction time is required to be 32 hours in length, based on the identified time to be spent in each of the appropriate areas. The project portion would need to be done in addition to the 32 hours of classroom time.
  3. The required information to be submitted must include a detailed description of “how” and what tools you are using that show you are engaging your attendees. This means you need to explain and/or show the examples and tools that will be used for teaching and exercises that will be used, etc. In an adult learning platform, the ability to engage the attendees is critical to their ability to grasp the material fully. An agenda does not suffice for this requirement.
  4. The required information must be submitted to the SAVE business office at least five (5) business days before the scheduled first day of your course. If not met, the course will not be approved for your attendees to sit for the VMA exam. This is your responsibility as the instructor.

If your virtual VMF 1 course does not meet the 32-hour minimum or you do not enforce the camera policy of having cameras on and attendees are not fully engaged throughout the entire course, your license will be revoked.

SAVE is also recommending the following changes, although not required, to provide a much better learning environment for the attendees as well as a positive experience when it comes to the Value Methodology (VM):

  1. Provide materials at least 3-5 business days ahead of time to the attendees. When workshops have been in-person, most instructors have provided a set of materials, workbooks, samples, etc. This enables the attendees to follow along as well as provides reference material for them to use later as study materials for the VMA exam.
  2. Ensure that you are engaging your attendees throughout the course. That means providing exercises for them to engage with, using tools that allow for collaboration, using tools that allow for understanding Function Analysis, etc.
  3. Make sure that you are comfortable with the virtual platform you are using. You should be well-versed in the platform being used.
  4. If you are doing this in conjunction with a live project, you must address ALL elements required to be covered within the 32 hours, which is strictly training. Again, the 32 hours must be met.

Remember, this may be the first introduction someone has to VM, so let’s make it one that fosters excitement and the desire to learn more. As instructors, you are in control of the success of delivering our VMF 1 course to help SAVE and the Certification Board continue to allow the course virtually.

SAVE and the Certification Board will be extending the ability to deliver the VMF 1 course virtually until December 31, 2020.

Please be aware that if the new requirements noted above are not followed and we cannot meet our minimum pass rates for the VMA exam, SAVE may not consider extending the use of virtual instruction for the VMF 1 course past the December 31 deadline. The success of virtual teaching and learning is very important to SAVE, and we will NOT sacrifice either. Help us all to succeed!


What to do BEFORE your virtual VMF 1 course

Each instructor who intends to conduct their course virtually must send the following required information to the SAVE business office at at least five (5) business days before the start of the course:

  1. List of attendee names and contact information (A template that instructors should use can be found here. This template includes the necessary information required about each attendee.)
  2. Agenda for the course showing instruction topics, duration and break times
  3. Lesson plans for the course
  4. Virtual technology platform that will be used and access to it to allow SAVE’s designated representatives to audit the course (auditors will use the criteria for measuring educational success of virtual VMF 1 courses found here)
  5. Summary discussion explaining how you will ensure attendees are engaged full time, monitor their participation, and accommodate attention spans of the attendees

Please remember that the VMF 1 course is 32 contact hours of instruction. These contact hours of instruction must occur, and breaks and lunch do not count as part of the 32 hours. This means the virtual format will likely be longer in duration than the usual four days covering 32 hours. The course may be broken into key subject segments that end over a period of days.

In addition, SAVE has identified generic protocols outlined here that we believe will help in the development of more detailed scopes of work, protocols and delivery of virtual workshops that could also be used for the virtual delivery of the VMF 1 course.

Understanding the future of online activity is a growing trend, and SAVE sees this as our opportunity to assess, evaluate and set the standards for virtual education.


What to do AFTER your VMF 1 course (virtual or in-person)

As of April 1, 2020 the procedures for individuals to take the Value Methodology Associate (VMA) exam have changed. The new procedures can be found on the SAVE International website here

The procedures include an individual’s approval from their Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 (VMF 1) course instructor before registering for the exam and taking the it online at a Kryterion testing center. Using testing centers, which are located world-wide, is more secure and reliable (as compared to the previous remote proctoring) and allows individuals to receive their official exam score as soon as they complete the exam.

Below is information and instructions for all SAVE approved VMF 1 instructors:

  • Within two (2) weeks of the VMF 1 course completion, instructors should email their course attendee list to the SAVE business office at A template that instructors should use when submitting their attendee list can be found here. This template includes the necessary information required about each attendee.
  • SAVE does not need the VMF 1 course certificate of completion for each attendee; however, the instructor should still provide one to them for their records.
  • Upon receipt and review of the course attendee list, the SAVE business office will send an email within 2-3 business days to each of the attendees with full instructions on registering and scheduling their VMA exam. This email will include a link to the testing agency’s online registration platform.
  • Attendees will need to register and pay for the VMA exam through the testing agency’s online registration platform. They will also select a testing center and date to take the exam.


Please contact the SAVE business office at if you have any questions.