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VMA Maintenance
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Value Methodology Associate (VMA) Certification Maintenance


To maintain your VMA certification, the following information must be submitted:

  1. Maintenance Affidavit

  2. Maintenance Fee
  • $100 USD every two (2) years for SAVE International members
  • $500 USD every two (2) years for non-members

The VMA Maintenance Summary Workbook is not required for maintenance; however, it is required if you are audited.

Early maintenance (more than 60 days before the certification expiration date) is not allowed.

Once your maintenance affidavit and fee are submitted/processed, your SAVE profile will be updated and you will be emailed a new certificate within two weeks.

Click here to complete your VMA maintenance affidavit and fee.


Total Required Per Two-Year Maintenance Period: 8 PDUs
  • VMA certification must be maintained to retain active status.
  • VMA maintenance fees must be paid every two (2) years to retain active status.
  • To maintain VMA certification, eight (8) professional development units (PDUs) are required within each two-year maintenance period.

Please refer to the SAVE Certification Program Manual for more details and information on certification maintenance requirements.


Maintaining Your Certification

Becoming certified is a great accomplishment. Do not let the hard work and effort put into becoming certified go to waste by not maintaining your certification. Remember, it is your responsibility to keep your certification current.

In order to maintain your certification, you must adhere to the guidelines found in the SAVE Certification Program Manual. Individuals who allow their certification to expire are not permitted to use the VMA designation. An individual with an expired certification who continues to use their certification designation will be referred to the SAVE International Ethics Committee for appropriate action.

Tips for Certification Maintenance Success

The best way to be successful in certification maintenance is to:

  • Study the maintenance submittal requirements.
  • Be prepared for an audit. Set up a certification maintenance audit file folder on your computer and include sub-folders for each audit submittal category applicable to your certification. Collect the required audit documentation there, beginning from the time your most recent certification maintenance submittal was approved.
  • SAVE recommends that VMA certification holders use the VMA Maintenance Summary Workbook to track their PDUs during each maintenance period and collect the required audit submittal documentation as PDU accrual activities are completed. While the VMA Maintenance Summary Workbook is not required for maintenance, it is required if you are audited.
  • Regularly review your accumulated documents and verify that you are accumulating enough PDUs. And, if you have been collecting the required audit documentation, an audit will be a minor inconvenience.


Log Your PDUs

SAVE members and certificants have the ability to log their own PDUs on our website for easy reference. Below are the instructions:

  • Log in to the SAVE International website
  • Under “My Profile”, click on ‘Manage Profile’
  • Under “Content & Features”, click on ‘Professional Development’

Please note, using the SAVE website to log your PDUs is optional - it is not required.