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VMA Exam
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Value Methodology Associate (VMA) Certification Exam

The purpose of the VMA exam is to test an individual’s knowledge of the Value Methodology. Only individuals who have completed an approved VMF 1 course can take the VMA exam.

Candidates have 90 minutes to compete the exam, which consists of 60 multiple choice questions focused on the following Core Competencies:

  • #1 Value Methodology
  • #2 Transform Information
  • #4 Function Analysis
  • #5 Cost Analysis
  • #7 Workshop Stage

It is recommended that candidate’s review the VMF 1 course materials for the VMA exam. The SAVE Certification Board strongly recommends a thorough understanding of the concepts within the definitions provided in the SAVE International Certification Board Value Methodology Dictionary.

Please see 'Section 1 – Certification Program Information, Educational Resources, Other Educational Resources' within the SAVE Certification Program Manual for a list of other educational resources for study. One’s advisor should help the candidate prepare for the exam and recommend books.

A score of 70% or above (42 or more questions answered correctly) must be achieved to pass the exam. If the candidate fails, they may retake the exam in 30 days up to three times in a one-year period. After the third failure, the candidate must reapply from the beginning.



  SAVE Members  Non-Members 
VMA Application Fee  $125  $125 
VMA Certificate Fee $0  $300 


Payments for the VMA exam must go through SAVE's online exam vendor when the candidate is registering to take the exam. Unfortunately, there is not a group payment option for the exam – each individual must register themselves to take the exam.

Also, a SAVE membership number is not needed to register for the exam.

The VMA certificate fee for SAVE International members is waived, and members will receive a certificate upon passing the exam. Non-member candidates must pay the certificate fee after the exam to receive their certificate.

A non-member candidate who is a member of an official SAVE international affiliate organization does not need to pay the certificate fee. However, the candidate must provide their member ID issued by the affiliate organization to the SAVE business office at after taking the exam so membership can be verified.

If you are not a member and would like to join SAVE, please click here.


Important Details & Rules for Taking the VMA Exam

The VMA exam is given in English and electronic format only, and can be taken anytime. Candidates are monitored by a virtual proctor provided by SAVE's online testing agency who reviews the candidate's activities via webcam and screen share.

Before you get started, you should have:

  • A computer with a functioning webcam and steady internet connection
  • Chrome browser installed (Chrome without additional extensions installed is highly suggested)
  • A photo ID


VMA Exam Rules:
  • Only the examinee may be present – no other people may be present in the room.
  • The only electronic device allowed is the computer used to access the exam. No other devices, including cell/smart phones, calculators, etc. are allowed.
  • Only two applications may be open on the computer during the exam:
  1. The exam website via the Google Chrome browser.
  2. The computer’s internal calculator application. Worksheet applications such as Microsoft Excel may not be open.
  • No reference material shall be present.
  • An 8.5” x 11” piece of blank scratch paper and pencil are allowed.

Candidates who do not follow the rules will automatically fail the exam.


Ready to Take the VMA Exam?

To begin, register for the VMA program online here:

VMA Exam

Once you have submitted your information, you will have to verify your email address before completing your application. Once you have verified your email, go back into your Certifior portal and submit your information, including the upload of your VMF 1 course certificate. Once that is completed, you will be able to schedule your online exam.

You will be asked to submit your VMA certification exam fee online. The charge on your credit card statement will read “Assessment Systems”.

If you experience any technical issues related to the online VMA exam (i.e. registering, paying the fee, email notifications, etc.), please contact SAVE’s online exam vendor directly at and they will respond to your inquiry.

Once you complete the scheduling, you will see a few steps on your screen. You must go through each one, reviewing exam rules, installing the Proctor Exam Chrome Extension. Once installed, you will be asked to do a system check. You must go through this to ensure your system is ready for the exam – the exam will not be available to you until you do so. Once completed you will receive an email that says you are ready to go and a link to your exam.

Before you start your exam, it is best to use Chrome with no other extensions active at the time as they could be viewed as security risks and cause the system to not let you proceed with the exam. If you start the exam and the system detects an issue with another extension, it will cause the exam to shut down and you will have 10 minutes to log back in to restart from where you left off. If this happens, try disabling any extensions in use – but NOT the proctor exam extension!

Once you go through each question on the exam, you will be able to submit your answers and see your preliminary score immediately. Your submission, screen recording and webcam video will be reviewed to ensure that there were no security issues during your exam.

You will receive your preliminary score via email within 1-2 business days after completing the online exam. Final scores will be sent via email within 10-15 business days from the date of the exam. Certificates will be issued after the final scores are released.

If you experience any technical issues related to the online VMA exam (i.e. registering, paying the fee, email notifications, etc.), please contact SAVE’s online exam vendor directly at and they will respond to your inquiry.


VMA Exam Retakes

If you are interested in retaking the VMA exam, please contact the SAVE business office at to receive additional instructions.



To appeal your VMA exam results, please send a detailed request via email to the SAVE Appeals Committee at