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VMA Exam
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PLEASE NOTE: Testing centers that were temporarily closed due to the global COVID-19 pandemic have begun to re-open with reduced capacity and/or testing schedules in order to comply with local, state and national health guidelines.


Value Methodology Associate (VMA) Certification Exam

The purpose of the Value Methodology Associate (VMA) certification exam is to test an individual’s knowledge of the Value Methodology.

Only individuals who have completed an approved VMF 1 course and been approved by their instructor and SAVE International are eligible to take the VMA exam.

Candidates have 90 minutes to compete the exam, which consists of 60 multiple choice questions focused on the following Core Competencies:

  • #1 Value Methodology
  • #2 Transform Information
  • #4 Function Analysis
  • #5 Cost Analysis
  • #7 Workshop Stage

In addition, the SAVE Certification Board strongly recommends candidates have a thorough understanding of the concepts within the definitions provided in the SAVE International Certification Board Value Methodology Dictionary. Please see 'Section 1 – Certification Program Information, Educational Resources, Other Educational Resources' within the SAVE Certification Program Manual for a list of other educational resources for study. One’s advisor should help the candidate prepare for the exam and recommend books.

The VMA exam is given in English and electronic format only. A score of 70% or above (42 or more questions answered correctly) must be achieved to pass the exam. If the candidate fails, they may retake the exam up to three (3) times in a one-year period. After the third failure, the candidate must reapply from the beginning.

Candidates will receive their official exam score upon completion of the exam. If a candidate passes the exam, they will receive their VMA certification certificate via email within 3-4 weeks.



  • VMA Exam Fee = $185.00 USD
  • VMA Exam Retake Fee = $92.50 USD

Payments for the VMA exam must go through SAVE's online testing agency (Kryterion) when the approved candidate is registering to take the exam. Unfortunately, there is not a group payment option for the exam – each candidate must register themselves to schedule and take the exam.

Please note, candidates may need to pay tax on their VMA exam/retake fee depending on their testing center location.


Important Details for Taking the VMA Exam

Before a candidate can sit for the VMA exam, they first need to receive approval from the SAVE business office. To do this, the candidate's VMF 1 course instructor must submit the necessary information about their course participants to the SAVE business office.

Instructions for VMF 1 instructors can be found here.

Once the required information is received and reviewed by the SAVE business office, the candidate will receive an email with instructions for registering, scheduling and paying for their VMA exam on the testing agency’s website. The exam will be scheduled by the candidate and administered electronically at the nearest Kryterion testing center. A current list of all Kryterion testing centers worldwide can be found online at

Candidates who experience any technical issues related to the VMA exam (i.e. registering, paying the fee, email notifications, etc.), should contact the SAVE business office at


Testing Centers & Support

If a candidate has difficulty finding a Kryterion Testing Network (KTN) testing center within a 100-mile radius and/or a testing center with available dates and times, they should contact Kryterion Technical Support at 866-579-8374 or 602-659-4666 (international) or send an email to Kryterion Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (except for U.S. Federal Holidays).

Once a candidate completes the scheduling, they will receive a confirmation email which will include the following:

  1. Test Center Location
  2. Exam Date and Time
  3. Exam Authorization Code (which needs to be presented to the proctor at the testing location for the onsite proctor to launch the exam)
  4. Testing Center/Exam Rules & Policies
  5. Exam Purchase Summary/Transaction Confirmation


What to bring to the testing center:
  • Exam authorization code. This code will be given to the candidate after scheduling their exam and included in their confirmation email. If a candidate fails to bring their code to the testing center, the proctor will not be able to launch your exam and it may cause your exam session to be forfeited without refund.
  • Two (2) forms of identification. One must be a government issued photo ID. Secondary identification must include your printed name, such as a credit card, bank debit card or employee identification card. In the United States, a Social Security Card is not an acceptable form of identification.
  • No reference material shall be present.
  • An 8.5” x 11” piece of blank scratch paper and pencil are allowed.


What NOT to bring with you to the testing center:
  • Personal items such as purses, backpacks, electronic devices, scratch paper, books or other items UNLESS specifically listed as an approved exam aid. Personal items brought to the testing center may be placed in a locker, if available, or candidates may be asked to return them to their vehicle, which may result in a delay in starting the exam and shorten the allotted exam time.
  • Food and drink.


No Shows and Cancellations

Candidates may cancel or reschedule their exam through the testing agency’s online portal (Webassessor) with no additional fee up to 72 hours prior to their scheduled exam time. No shows, cancellations and reschedules within 72 hours of the scheduled exam time will incur an additional fee or the forfeiture of the exam fee altogether. Exam fees, vouchers or coupons used to pay for the exam will not be refunded for sessions canceled without proper notice.


Special Accommodations

Arrangements for special accommodations must be made prior to scheduling the exam session, and with at least 30 days’ advance notice.


VMA Exam Retakes

If a candidate fails the exam, they may retake it up to three (3) times in a one-year period. If a candidate is interested in a retake, they will need to pay an exam retake fee upon scheduling their retake exam. Please note, candidates may need to pay tax on their VMA exam/retake fee depending on their testing center location.

Requests for retakes should be sent to



Candidates who wish to appeal their VMA exam results should send a detailed request to the SAVE Appeals Committee at