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SAVE International Membership
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If you are an individual or company practicing the Value Methodology (VM), then become a member of the only Society whose mission is to generate excitement and achieve global demand for the VM by promoting, advocating, certifying, and educating...SAVE International®.

SAVE is a collaborative community of users, practitioners, academics and industry leaders in manufacturing, IT, process, architecture, engineering, construction and other global industries. Membership has its benefits, but more importantly it connects you to the global community of value engineers.

SAVE continues to inform businesses, governments and the public about the tremendous benefits of properly applied value-enhancing methods. This includes advocacy efforts to share the benefits of regulations that require value-enhancing methods as facilitated by certified value practitioners. In addition, SAVE provides valuable professional education for members and non-members alike.


Membership Benefits

For Individuals

Whether you are new to value engineering or not, individuals practicing VM should join SAVE to boost their job performance and connect with like-minded professionals. As a member of SAVE, you will:

  • Get immediate access to tools and resources that will help you do your job better and build your reputation as a skill value practitioner. 
  • Expand your network of peers who face the same challenges you do and can help you find solutions. 
  • Advance your career by taking advantage of a wide range of professional development and networking opportunities. 



For Organizations 

Companies who join SAVE as Corporate members achieve new levels of success by leveraging SAVE resources across the organization. As a Corporate member, you will:

  • Build your team's value enhancing competencies to maximize performance and advance your mission.
  • Set your organization up for success by empowering every employee with access to practical, problem-solving resources and a strong community of professional peers. 
  • Show your employees that you support their professional development and position yourself to attract and retain the best talent.