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SAVE International chapters will promote the objectives of the society by an organization of members who commonly meet within a specified territory.

To service the membership adequately, a SAVE chapter shall meet the following minimum standards of activity and performance:

  • Submit an annual activity report, due at the start of each fiscal year.
  • Hold a minimum of four scheduled and announced meetings annually.
  • Hold a minimum of two chapter board meeting annually.
  • Maintain a minimum of 10 members in good standing.
  • Adopt such bylaws for its operations as are considered necessary, provided that nothing in such chapter bylaws conflicts with or contravenes the provisions of the constitution and/or bylaws of SAVE.
  • Elect officers and directors at least every two years.

All chapters, regardless of administrative structure, are required to meet minimum criteria for activity in order to remain chartered as SAVE chapters. One requirement is to submit an annual activity report, due January 31 of each year.

Download the annual report form


SAVE International® is organized as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation in the State of Georgia, USA. As such, its chapters fall under one of two administrative structures:

  • Independent - These chapters are legal entities separate from SAVE and are responsible for their own administrative and financial management, including compliance with tax law.
  • Departmental - These chapters operate independently from SAVE, but are part of the SAVE corporate structure. SAVE is responsible for their financial administration, including annual tax filings.

Independent chapters in the USA are also required to submit evidence that they are in compliance with tax law. Such documentation should include a:

  • Summary of income and expenses (income statement/profit and loss statement)
  • Copy of the annual tax filing
  • Copy of IRS recognition of the chapter’s status as a 501(c)(6) corporation

These documents must be submitted to SAVE by December 31 of each year. Failure to provide required documentation will result in withholding of any annual rebates and/or quarterly dividends paid to chapters.


As SAVE is responsible for financial administration of departmental chapters, those chapters must use the following forms as income is received and expenses are incurred:

  • Chapter Payment Request Form - This form should be completed by the chapter treasurer (or president as an alternate) and submitted electronically with receipts/invoices/documentation for purchases and/or reimbursements.
  • Credit Card Form - This form is required should the chapter ask SAVE to process a credit card transaction for a sponsorship or other fee. Please note that SAVE only accepts American Express, Visa and MasterCard.
  • Deposit Form - This lead sheet must accompany amounts (checks, money orders, etc.) submitted for deposit.


Chapter Officer Requirements

A requirement for being a chapter officer is that the individual must be a current SAVE member. The Society cannot officially recognize a chapter officer if their membership is expired or not up to date.


Chapter Resources

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
SAVE Chapter Operations Manual - Dec 2014 PDF (99.29 KB) Administration 5/8/2017
SAVE Chapters Annual Report Template 2016 DOCX (52.11 KB) Administration 5/8/2017