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CVS Exam
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Certified Value Specialist (CVS) Certification Exam

The purpose of the current CVS exam is to test the candidate's knowledge of fundamental VM concepts through the use of a variety of question formats. In addition, the essay portion of the CVS exam tests the candidate’s ability to articulate comprehensive VM knowledge in response to a particular question. This is intended to measure effective communication abilities as well as knowledge of VM.

It is recommended that candidate’s review the VMF 2 course materials for the CVS exam. The SAVE Certification Board strongly recommends a thorough understanding of the concepts within the definitions provided in the SAVE International Certification Board Value Methodology Dictionary.

Please see 'Section 1 – Certification Program Information, Educational Resources, Other Educational Resources' within the SAVE Certification Program Manual for a list of other educational resources for study. One’s advisor should help the candidate prepare for the exam and recommend books.


CVS Exam Candidates

Only candidates whose CVS application has been approved by the SAVE Certification Board can sit for the CVS exam.

In order to take the CVS exam, the candidate must engage an approved proctor to administer the exam (U.S. or internationally). An approved proctor must be a CVS in good standing or a faculty member of an accredited college or university; it cannot be the candidate's advisor (past or present). The proctor must request the exam from the SAVE business office via email at so that his/her status as a CVS in good standing or faculty member can be verified.


Important Details & Rules for Taking the CVS Exam

The current CVS exam is to be completed within three (3) hours. The time allowed for each part is as follows:

  • Part III – FAST Work Problem (Identify, classify functions and draw a FAST diagram): 60 minutes
  • Part IV – Team Building (20 True/False questions): 30 minutes
  • Part V – Certification (20 True/False questions): 15 minutes
  • Part VI – Financial (Identify VM opportunities, first costs, annual costs and break-even point): 30 minutes
  • Part VII – Essay (Choose topic and prepare an essay demonstrating VM principles): 45 minutes

Only the following items are allowed to be used during the exam:

  • A pencil and/or pen
  • An eraser
  • A ruler
  • A printed dictionary
  • An 8.5” x 11” piece of blank scratch paper
  • One (1) pad of small (1.5”x2”) blank Post-It notes

No reference material and/or smart phones, computers, calculators, etc. are allowed.


CVS Exam Retakes

If you are interested in retaking the CVSexam, please contact the SAVE business office at to receive additional instructions.



To appeal your CVS exam results, please send a detailed request via email to the SAVE Appeals Committee at