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College of Fellows
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What is a Fellow?

A Fellow is recognized as one of the SAVE International®'s outstanding individuals based on technical competence, accomplishment, service, ethical conduct and leadership - and outstanding and dedicated individual whose professional leadership is of the highest distinction among members of SAVE in the practice of the value discipline. Candidates for Fellow are first screened by the SAVE Honors & Awards Director, then elected by two thirds vote of those voting by the College of Fellows. Nominations for Fellows should be submitted to the Dean of the College.

The College

The College of Fellows serves as ambassadors for SAVE, with the obligation to serve the value profession through furthering the Value Methodology (VM) discipline. The role and responsibilities of the Fellows are defined by the College of Fellows. Click here to view/download the SAVE College of Fellows operating charter.

MVF Support

The Miles Value Foundation (MVF) supports and utilizes the College of Fellows in the conduct of its projects. The College developed the Standard Definitions and Terms as a Foundation project for SAVE. Members of the College are called upon to provide peer review for technical papers and articles developed by the Foundation.

Dean of the College

The contact point for the College of Fellows is its Dean, Stephen Kirk ( or 313-701-2084).

Profiles of Fellows

New Fellows are inducted into the College of Fellows at the SAVE Annual Conference. The following comprehensive list is updated annually:


Ginger Adams
Drew Algase
Abdulaziz Al-Yousefi
A.J. Andrews
Teresa Barlow d
Daniel Barlow d
Katherine Bethany
Robert Bidwell d
James Bolton
Ernest Bouey d
H. Poe Bradbury d
Merle Braden
Richard Bradyhouse
Russell Brannen, Sr. d
John Bryant
Duane Burton d
Charles Bytheway d
Cornelius Carey
Jimmie Carter d
Harvey Childs d
George Clymas
Francine Constantineau
Thomas Cook d
Q. Rand Creasy d
Dale Daucher
Alphonse Dell'Isola d 
Laurel Dennis
Paul Dobrow  d
C.W. "Smokey" Doyle d
C. Bernerd Dull
James Dziekonski d
Howard Ellegant
Carlos Fallon d
Roy Fountain d
Theodore Fowler d
J.K. Fowlkes d
Gordon Frank d
Rosemary Fraser
Paul Frusti
Lindsey Gardner
Raymond Gilbert
Dan Gormley
Howard Greenfield
John Groothuis
Donald Hannan
Richard Harrington
Glen Hart d
R. Terry Hays
Michael Holt
James Hudson d
George Hunter
Govindarajan Jagannathan
Peter Jobs d
Frank Johnson d
John Jonelis d
Muthiah Kasi
J. Jerry Kaufman d
William Kelly
Rudy Kempter d
Thomas King
Stephen Kirk
David Kirk
Fred Kolano
Dal-Sung Lee
William Lenzer d
Bruce Lenzer
Mary Ann Lewis
Charles Mason d
John Mathis
Scot McClintock
Peter Megani d
Sol Mendelsohn
Lawrence Miles d
Robert Mitchell
Jerry Moon
Arthur Mudge d
Herbert Myers
Ferenc Nadasdi
Yoshio Nakagami d 
James O'Brien
Joseph Otero, Jr.
Alfred Paley
Richard Park d
Donald Parker
Lucie Parrot
Marc Pauwels
Martyn Phillips
James Rains, Jr.
Axel Ried d
John Robinson
Morgan Roderick
Robert Rossman d
Wayne Ruggles d
Yoshihiko Sato
Frederick Sherwin d
Emad Shublaq
C.P. Smith d
Terry Smith
Thomas Snodgrass
Robert Stewart
Roger Syverson
Ted Tammereau
Masayasu Tanaka
Istvan Tarjani
Luigi Tenenti d
Anthony Tocco d
Hiroshi Tsuchiya
Hal Tufty d
Ichiro Ueno d
H. Keith Van Heerden d
Luis Venegas
S.S. Venkataramanan
Dean Voegtlen d
O. James Vogl d
Henry Wales d
David Wilson
David Wohlscheid d
Frank Wojciechowski d
Jill Woller
R. Glenn Woodward
Hisaya Yokota
Michael Zabych
Larry Zimmerman
Beverly Zolezzi d


d - Deceased