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About SAVE International
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SAVE International® is the premier international society devoted to advancing and promoting the Value Methodology (VM). Also known as value engineering, value analysis and value management, the process can decrease costs, increase profits, improve quality and performance and enhance customer satisfaction on projects, processes and products.

SAVE offers its members education and training, publications, tools for promoting the VM, certification, networking and recognition.

SAVE members are trained and certified in and practice the VM in more than 35 countries. Applications can include construction, product design and manufacturing, transportation, health care, government and environmental engineering.

Originally founded in 1959 as the Society of American Value Engineers (SAVE), the society officially changed its name to SAVE International in 1996.


Vision, Mission & Goals



Unlocking knowledge, innovation and passion to achieve success beyond expectation.


SAVE International® is the global voice of value and the recognized authority on the Value Methodology that promotes, advocates, certifies and educates.

Strategic Goals

  • Promote the Value Methodology worldwide.
  • Collaborate with societies and organizations with common interests.
  • Identify new opportunities for application of the Value Methodology.
  • Embrace new tools and techniques.
  • Create more flexible and comprehensive value education.
  • Expand and diversity membership.
  • Enhance the image of the profession.

Core Values and Beliefs

The following core values and beliefs give SAVE boundaries in the pursuit of its vision:

  • Foster an environment for personal and professional growth.
  • Embrace honesty and integrity.
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of members.
  • Advance the profession worldwide.
  • Concentrate on strengthening the knowledge of members.


“The Value Methodology offers great promise for solving problems of the new millennium, as well as continuing to enhance the value of products, services and systems, and construction projects.”

SAVE plans to play the following role by 2020:

  • Because of SAVE's influence, the problem-solving Value Methodology (VM), including function analysis, is intimately familiar to chief executive officers and chief financial officers of corporations and government agencies worldwide for achieving stellar results in adding value to products, services, construction projects and business operations.
  • SAVE is known as the premier value organization, with highly skilled members providing value-based leadership in every facet of the VM application.
  • Opportunities abound as SAVE members enjoy top career advancement and business success due to the variety of educational and value-based research offered by the society at universities, symposia, on the internet and in collaboration with societies of similar interests.
  • SAVE is the repository of all value and related improvement methodologies, as well as information knowledge databases, for people everywhere.