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About SAVE International
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SAVE International® is the premier international society devoted to advancing and promoting the Value Methodology (VM). Also known as value engineering, value analysis and value management, the process can decrease costs, increase profits, improve quality and performance and enhance customer satisfaction on projects, processes and products.

SAVE offers its members education and training, publications, tools for promoting the VM, certification, networking and recognition. SAVE members are trained and certified in and practice the VM in more than 35 countries. Applications can include construction, product design and manufacturing, transportation, health care, government and environmental engineering.

Originally founded in 1959 as the Society of American Value Engineers (SAVE), the society officially changed its name to SAVE International in 1996.



Inspiring improvement through the realization of value.



Generate excitement and achieve global demand for the Value Methodology by promoting, advocating, certifying and educating.

Strategic Goals

  • PROMOTE the Value Methodology - the benefits of the methodology to users, customers and the general public while increasing participation in SAVE.
  • ADVOCATE - SAVE advocates for its members by engaging with public and corporate entities to influence policies to utilize the Value Methodology, and through the development of standards and their validation through recognized accrediting bodies.
  • CERTIFY Practitioners - SAVE ensures that practitioners meet established criteria by certifying compliance, approving training and maintaining standards for the Value Methodology.
  • EDUCATE People - SAVE gathers and disseminates knowledge on the Value Methodology and other Value Enhancing Methods, and provides training and other educational opportunities for practitioners and individuals.


Standards of Conduct

As members of or those who have been certified by SAVE International, all individuals pledge themselves to:

UPHOLD the high ideals and level of personal knowledge attested by Society membership or certification, and to participate in none but honest enterprises.

SERVE the interests of employers and clients loyally, diligently and honestly through worthy performance and fidelity.

MAINTAIN a broad and balanced outlook and recognize merit in the ideas and opinions of others.

REFRAIN from any conduct or act which is discreditable to the reputation or the integrity of the Value Methodology profession, and be guided in all activities by truth, accuracy, fair dealing and good taste.

PROMOTE at every opportunity the public understanding of Value Methodology and apply their specialized skill and knowledge for the public good.

KEEP informed on the latest developments in value techniques and applications and recommend or initiate improvements to increase the effectiveness of the Value Methodology.

PLEDGE to all fellow value specialists, integrity and fair dealing, tolerance and respect, devotion to standards and dignity of the profession.

SUPPORT efforts to strengthen the profession through training and education, and help others reach personal and professional fulfillment.

EARN and carefully guard their reputation for good moral character and good citizenship, recognizing that leadership is a call to service.

RECOGNIZE that Society membership or certification as a value specialist is not the sole claim to professional competence.