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Chapters: Taiwan

Welcome to the SAVE International® Taiwan Chapter webpage!

For more information about the Taiwan Chapter and its activities, please contact a chapter board officer listed on the right side of this webpage.


The SAVE Taiwan Chapters includes members located in Taiwan.

The Chapter’s objectives are:

  • To be humble, responsive, as diligent as Taiwanese buffalo, as agile as eagles, as brave as lions in the pursuit of justice
  • To promote SAVE International methodology
  • To serve industry
  • To inherit techniques and experiences
  • To offer apprenticeships for new beginners
  • To learn from cross disciplines
  • To share resources and profit
  • Honesty
  • To listen to the requirements of members
  • To achieve maximum value of both public and private sectors

The Mission of the Taiwan Chapter is:

  1. To promote professionalism in the application of the value methodology.
  2. Establish and promote VE certification system. Ease the certification and re-certification registration and procedures.
  3. To promote education related to value methodology. Conduct VE training for all level calibers including commercial practitioners and assist career development of VE practitioners.
  4. Organize and assist VE seminars/conferences/exhibitions for VE results and new techniques, product and services and establish platform for VE information sharing to stay in touch with knowledge and applications related to value engineering.
  5. Encourage research and original work in the application of the value methodology.
  6. Integrate VE with other methodology, technique, process and promote new era cross disciplines cooperation, integrate with and apply new technology, create economic benefits, innovative VE applications and move towards new era VE applications.
  7. Assist public and private to promote VE activities, trainings to promote and accelerate the effectiveness and recognition of the practice of value engineering.
  8. Publish periodicals via electronic media including but not limited to website, Facebook, online.
  9. Communicate with VE related societies and agencies. Participate and assist members to participate VE activities globally.
  10. Introduce the value methodology to new Countries.
  11. Provide additional services to SAVE international members to increase the value of memberships.
  12. Increase the number of SAVE members.


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