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Module I & II Application Form
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At this time, SAVE International is no longer approving Module I workshops or Module II seminars. New training materials are being developed that will replace the current Module I and II - these new courses will be the Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 (VMF 1) Value Methodology Fundamentals 2 (VMF 2).

Once the VMF 1 and VMF 2 materials are ready for distribution, an email will be sent to SAVE International members and affiliates with instructions on how instructors pay the license fee to obtain the training materials. Thank you for your patience!



  1. All Module I workshop and Module II seminar materials must be submitted via the web-based application form. SAVE will not accept applications submitted in hard copy, on disk or via email.
  2. All workshop/seminar materials must be submitted in PDF format not exceeding 100 MB total file size. Only one file may be uploaded; multiple files must be combined into a single PDF or compressed into a single ZIP file.
  3. Download and complete a WS1 application.
  4. For Module I workshops, download and complete a WS2 agenda. For Module II seminars, download and complete a WS3 agenda.
  5. Download and complete a WS4 course syllabus.
  6. Include a copy of the principal workbook or textbook in English. This requirement may be waived if the book is a text published by the Miles Value Foundation.
  7. Include a copy of the presentation slides.
  8. Include lists of videos, supplementary texts and other training aids being used in the course.
  9. Include sample copies of the certificate of course completion. The certificate must include the information as described in Section II - Guidelines of the Workshops & Seminar Manual.

Fee Schedule


SAVE Member Fee

Non-Member Fee

Module I Workshop or Module II Seminar

$500 USD

$1,500 USD