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Enhancing Ideas and Enhancing Careers through Certification

The SAVE International® Certification Program is the industry standard for recognizing competence in the practice of the Value Methodology (VM). SAVE offers the following levels of certification:


Certified Value Specialist (CVS) – CVS is the highest level of certification attainable through the SAVE Certification Program. Designation is reserved for value specialists who have demonstrated expert level experience and knowledge in the practice of the Value Methodology.

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Value Methodology Associate (VMA) – VMA is a recognition designed for individuals who are new to the Value Methodology field and have received basic Value Methodology training. This entry level certification is encouraged for those desiring to have on-going involvement in Value Management. If desired, after gaining some experience, a VMA may advance to CVS certification.

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Core Competency Education & Testing

The Core Competency Education and Testing document lays out the competencies and testing parameters for the VMA and CVS.

Objectives for VMA and CVS assume that the VMA exam and CVS exam are now separate tests, where a CVS candidate has previously passed the VMA exam. CVS candidate must receive approval to take the CVS exam and must be currently certified as a VMA. The Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 (VMF 1) course covers all information required to pass the VMA exam; the Value Methodology Fundamentals 2 (VMF 2) course covers additional information required to pass the CVS exam.

NOTE: Assumes VMAs participate as value team members and CVSs facilitate.



Who Administers the Program?

The SAVE Certification Program is administered by Certified Value Specialists (CVS) appointed by the SAVE Board of Directors for two-year terms. All attempts are made to have the board represent a cross section of the society and applications, including industry, government and construction and members from both internal programs and consultants.

It must be emphasized that the certification program is designed for those utilizing the value disciplines in their principal career. It is not an honors program - the society has a separate program to honor deserving individuals and organizations. Certification must be earned by completing all criteria and requirements and is for individual recognition and may not be transferred or used to imply that an organization or association is certified.

The SAVE Certification Board also maintains a cooperative certification program with the following international organizations, whereby they meet all SAVE requirements as a minimum but also adapt the overall requirements for their own culture:

If you have any questions about the SAVE Certification Program, please contact the SAVE business office at


Note: The SAVE International Certification Program Manual revision and its future revisions may update the certification information contained on the SAVE website, and shall be the authoritative document over all matters concerning SAVE certification, superseding the website and any other previous documentation.


Certification Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Core Competency Education and Testing PDF (189.93 KB) Administration 5/21/2019
SAVE Certification Program Manual - 16th Ed PDF (789.62 KB) Administration 5/21/2019
CVS_Maint_Summary_Workbook.xlsx XLSX (182.9 KB) Administration 2/4/2020
CVS Application Summary Workbook XLSX (182.56 KB) Administration 5/21/2019
VMA_Maint_Summary_Workbook.xlsx XLSX (165.25 KB) Administration 2/4/2020