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Advanced Value Group, LLC - AZ
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Advanced Value Group, LLC
James Rains, Jr., CVS-Life, FSAVE
14995 West Pinchot Avenue
Goodyear, AZ 85395-8676
Phone: 623-826-2708
Toll Free: 

Company Description:
We perform certified and results oriented VM, tear-down (TD) and lean mfg services. We have facilitated over 900 projects in a 36 year period. In the past 10 years AVG has worked with over 50 global companies. Our integrated TD and VM workshop has proven to be popular because of the significant results achieved. Our Lean Mfg and 6 Sigma skill set is excellent for training and/or workshops. We also offer target costing training. To perform an in-depth VE construction project we are your choice.

Services Matrix: 
Function Analysis System Technique Seminar
Module I Basic Certification Training

Other Services: 
All industry and service sectors
Competitive Benchmarking Tear-down Workshops