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Value Standard Documents
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Value Standard Documents


Value Methodology Glossary

The SAVE International® Value Methodology Glossary has been developed as a standards document and will soon be integrated into SAVE's value methodology documentation.


Value Methodology Standard

This revision of the Value Methodology (VM) Standard was approved by the SAVE International® Board of Directors in March 2015. SAVE extends its deepest gratitude to the individuals whose dedicated, conscientious work made this updated revision possible.


SAVE Body of Knowledge

In 2013, SAVE International® adopted Value Methodology: A Pocket Guide to Reduce Cost and Improve Value through Function Analysis as its Body of Knowledge. The book can be purchased from the SAVE online bookstore.


ASTM Standards

ASTM International Standard Practice for Performing Value Engineering (VE)/Value Analysis (VA) of Projects, Products and Processes, E1699-14, Active Standard: E1699-14. Available for purchase at

ASTM International Standard Practice for Constructing FAST Diagrams and Performing Function Analysis During a Value Analysis Study, E2013-12, Active Standard: E2013-12. Available for purchase at


German VA/VM Standards

Below you will find a list of the German VA/VM standards, available in English. Each link leads to a short description of the standard:

You can buy VDI standards via download or as printed copies. Every order must go via Beuth Verlag. Information about how to buy the standards and special conditions are available at


SAVE Standard Documents

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This is a collection of Standard Documents developed by SAVE International and related organizations.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
SAVE International Value Methodology Glossary PDF (209.51 KB) Administration 10/23/2017
SAVE VM Standard - March 2015 PDF (125.99 KB) Administration 9/26/2016
OMB Circular A-131 revised 12-26-2013 PDF (333.82 KB) Administration 2/8/2017
Proforma RFP for Value Consulting Services PDF (204.64 KB) Administration 6/5/2016
Proforma Agreement for Value Consulting Services PDF (73.77 KB) Administration 6/5/2016
Selecting a VM Consultant PDF (226.17 KB) Administration 6/5/2016
Improving Profits through Value Engineering PDF (795.58 KB)  more ] Administration 6/5/2016
VE on Federal-Aid Projects 1993 PDF (3.25 MB) Administration 6/5/2016
President's Council of Integrity & Efficiency PDF (2.06 MB)  more ] Administration 6/5/2016
GAO VE Usefulness Well Established When Applied Ap PDF (525.93 KB)  more ] Administration 6/5/2016
GAO Potential of VA for Reducing Waste Treatment PDF (4.72 MB)  more ] Administration 6/5/2016
FCC Technical Report #92 Effective VE Program PDF (1.67 MB)  more ] Administration 6/5/2016
EPA Potential of VA for Reducing Waste Treatment PDF (7.95 MB)  more ] Administration 6/5/2016
AASHTO_Guidelines_for_VE(1987).pdf PDF (1013.85 KB) Administration 6/5/2016