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Certified Value Specialist (CVS) Certification
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Click here for more information about the upcoming changes to the SAVE Certification Program.


The Certified Value Specialist (CVS) is the highest level of certification attainable through SAVE International®. This designation is reserved for value specialist who have demonstrated the knowledge and experience needed to practice the Value Methodology.

Becoming Certified

To achieve CVS certification, one must;

  • Select an advisor who is a Certified Value Specialist (CVS).  
  • Complete an approved Module I workshop.   
  • Complete an approved Module II seminar.  
    • The Module II seminar may not be taken sooner than six months after the Module I workshop unless the applicant participates in at least two value studies during the time between the Module I and Module II.   
  • Accumulate the required certification points (CPs).
  • Submit an original scholarly paper on a value related subject.
  • Submit the application.
  • Submit a summary worksheet and supporting documentation.  
  • Pass Parts I through VII of the CVS certification exam after Certification Board approval of the application and paper.

Interim Changes to the CVS Exam

The SAVE CVS exam has been changed slightly to better conform to the new Function Analysis Guide. This new guide has been available now for over nine months and candidates should now be fully aware of the contents. References to Customer FAST and Technical FAST have been removed. Candidates should study the new Function Analysis Guide. The CVS exam will be graded in conformance to this new guide.

This is only an interim exam. In January 2018, an all-new examination will be given that tests against the new Core Competency requirements. All current training, testing and processes will remain in effect until January 1, 2018 at which time all new processes will take effect. Therefore, if you are close to completing your requirements, please feel free to maintain your own schedules for CVS certification and follow through at this time.


To apply for CVS certification or recertification, please click here.

Please note, all documentation, including the appropriate CVS certification worksheet (initial or recertification), must be submitted in one PDF file, not exceeding 100 MB total file size. Multiple files must be combined into a single PDF or compressed into a single ZIP file.


CVS certification must be renewed every four years to maintain active status. Applicants are required to attest that they have attained the minimum certification points (CPs) and studies as outlined in the CVS recertification worksheet (below). All CPs must be earned during the four-year recertification period. Early recertification is not allowed.

To recertify, applicants must:

After the CVS recertification worksheet and payment are received and processed, the applicant's worksheet will be forwarded to the SAVE Certification Board’s CVS recertification committee for review and approval.

Fee Schedule


SAVE Member Fee

Non-Member Fee

CVS Application (initial)

$360 USD

$960 USD

CVS Recertification

$360 USD

$960 USD


Please Note: Per the Certification Board’s decision at their June 2015 meeting, SAVE has ceased issuance of all new CVS-Life and Value Methodology Practitioner (VMP) certification designations.


CVS Documents

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Documents and forms that relate to the CVS Certification.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
SAVE Certification Manual (Interim as of Apr 2.pdf PDF (334.22 KB) Administration 10/13/2017
CVS Initial Certification Worksheet 2017.xls XLS (69.5 KB) Administration 10/13/2017
CVS Advisor Checklist DOCX (13.81 KB) Administration 7/17/2017
CVS Recertification Worksheet 2017.xls XLS (68 KB) Administration 10/13/2017