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Click here to read more about the new changes to the SAVE International Certification Program!

49th SJVE Conference – The 2016 SJVE Conference will be held October 25-26, 2016 in Arcadia Ichigaya, Tokyo, Japan. Visit for more information

5th Asian Value Engineering Conference – INVEST organizes the 5th Asian Value Engineering conference being held November 28-29, 2016 in New Delhi, India. Click here to view the conference brochure or visit for more information.

The 2017 German International Conference will be held May 9-12, 2017 in St. Georgen. The conference will be hosted by EBM Papst, and include 1 day of pre-conference workshop, 2 days of conference and 1 day of company visits. Click here for more information.

2017 Value Summit – The SAVE International 2017 Value Summit will be held August 27-30, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA. Visit for more information.

Certification Program

Click here to read more about the new changes to the SAVE International Certification Program!
Certification Program Frequently Asked Questions
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Certification Administration Office
SAVE International 
19 Mantua Road
Mount Royal, NJ 08061 USA 
T (856) 423-3215
Certification Board Executive Director
Joseph Sapp, CAE
Executive Director
SAVE International
19 Mantua Road
Mount Royal, NJ 08061 USA
T (856) 423-3215

The SAVE International Certification Program is the industry standard for recognizing competence in the practice of the Value Methodology. SAVE offers two levels of certification:

  1. The Value Methodology Associate (VMA) recognizes those individuals who decided to become professional value engineers, but who have not yet acquired all the experience or technical skills expected of a CVS.

    VMA certification requires the following from each candidate:
    • Certification application
    • Payment of the appropriate application fee
    • Copy of their Module I certificate of completion
    • Completed certification exam

  2. The highest level is the Certified Value Specialist (CVS), which is recognition of the individual who has met all certification requirements, both technical and experience, and whose principal career is value engineering.

    To achieve CVS certification, one must:

Per the Certification Board’s decision at their June 2015 meeting, SAVE International ceased issuance of all new CVS-Life and Value Methodology Practitioner (VMP) certification designations.

In addition, as of June 2016, SAVE discontinued issuance of the Associate Value Specialist (AVS) certification. AVS certificate holders, upon the occasion of their recertification, are offered the opportunity to accept the new entry level designation, Value Methodology Associate (VMA). Those who do not wish to accept the new designation should prepare to apply for CVS certification.

For additional information about the SAVE International certification program and requirements, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).